Arulanandar Bal Gurukul

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Arulanandar Bal Gurukul is situated in the interiors of Sarugani, Sivagangai Dist.with close to 200 students. 

AK Bal Gurukul

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This Balgurukul is in a remote location of Tirupur and most of the parents of the children are engaged in meanial jobs in apparel industry in and around Tirupur. The parents generally are not educated themselves and hence are unable To teach the children themselves after school and due to their meagre income they are unable to send them for any tuition classes as well. Through this campaign we will be creating an after school class for a batch of 30 students who would be selected by the teacher for additional help. These students are generally the weakest in the class due to the above mentioned reasons. 

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To raise funds for setting up of new Bal Gurukul in Malwani area of Malad, Mumbai.

This fund will be used to educate 30 kids after their school time.


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Education is of prime importance. IDF Bal Gurukul projects are a success proven sustainable development model.  IDF in its diversified objectives has included village development and education programmes into its fold.   Education programme is the nodal point for village development too.  In a way, it provides an opportunity for the children to guide their parents on what they have learnt.

There are several ongoing programmes of government/ various NGOs to improve the literacy rates.  We should understand that there are many first time school-goers in a family.   In such cases, the parents are not able to guide their wards on education matters.  There are families who with great difficulty send their children to government schools.  Those of whom are capable monetary-wise provide their wards with tuition facilities. However, there are still several children attending schools but do not get proper educational guidance at home. IDF promotes right to "right education".

Indian Development Foundation (IDF) has found a method to remove this barrier by opening up `Empowerment Programmes' OR `Bal Gurukuls’ in India.  From a humble beginning of 50 students in a tribal area of Karjat in Maharashtra and Langadiyawas village in Rajasthan, IDF now covers over 15000+ students in India under this empowerment programme/ Bal Gurukuls.